A4 - 5 days - 2 meals / day and breakfast

IDR 1,045,000.00
A4 - 5 days - 2 meals / day and breakfast 1000000 997

2 meals per day in 5 deliveries + 1 loaf of raw cacao flourless oat bread | IDR 95.000 / meal

A4 is two meals per day plan in 5 deliveries, include one loaf of raw cacao flourless oat bread for breakfast.

Enjoy the convenience of having fresh, nutritious lunch, dinner, and bread delivered to you. The flourless bread will be delivered on day 1 (or on you selected day). Store the bread in the fridge, it will last up to 7 days. Have 1 - 2 slices in the morning every day for an easy nutritious breakfast during the program. 

What if I need to modify my delivery address?

You may change or modify your delivery address at anytime. All changes are best made one day prior the delivery day. Send us a message to 087780381902.

How do I skip a day or a week of meals?
As a subscriber, you will automatically receive meals from Monday - Friday, usually delivered at around 11.00am - 12.30pm. You may skip delivery days with no penalty or added cost at anytime by notifying us at least one day prior the delivery day. 

How soon can I begin?
After payment confirmation, you can begin your meal subscription as soon as tomorrow or at your selected date. 

Can I choose my menu?
We offer a set menu of delicious meals that rotates weekly as well as seasonally. While you can’t pick and choose specific meals, rest assured that each is nutritionally designed for optimal health and crafted with the help of gourmet chefs using the best-quality ingredients available. To see some of our menus, please visit our meal subscription Instagram at @slimboxcatering.

All of our recipes are completely:

- Refined Sugar Free
- Dairy Free
- Refined Flour Free
- Palm Oil Free
- Trans Fat Free

Can you accommodate dietary requests?

Please contact our team (rebuild.id@gmail.com or 087780381902) if you have questions about what we can accommodate. Keep in mind that our programs are already completely free of dairy, red meat, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. We also have a plant-based option for our vegan friends (the meals are completely free from meat, seafood, animal-by-products, palm oil, honey, egg products). 

If you still have questions, send us a message at 087780381902 (WhatsApp). 

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