An Afternoon in Kyoto / Matcha Castella - 22 x 13 cm (PO)

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An Afternoon in Kyoto / Matcha Castella - 22 x 13 cm (PO) 0 0

Available every Thursday and Friday. Our cakes are made fresh to order. Order must be placed at least 48 hours before your order is due to be delivered.

As we turn to memories of our times in Kyoto, we recall a piece of castella — reliable, light, and delicate. We feel they should be shared with those who may find a little bit of happiness from a big bite, shared with you. 

Vegetarian-friendly, dairy free and gluten free. This cake is made with uji matcha, natural almond flour (ground from whole almonds), almonds, unrefined coconut nectar (unprocessed), organic eggs, time, and patience. 

It is very soft, flully, bouncy, and airy that it just melts in your mouth. Baked with no refined sugar and cake stabilizer. It's a castella that's a little kinder. A little lighter. A little better for everyone. 

Storage suggestions

You can store at room temperature for up to 3-4 days, 6-7 days in refrigerator.


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